Why I Talk


What causes a successful athletic coach to step off the field and onto the stage?  I started talking when I witnessed the impact that social media and online exposure had on my team, my athletes, my family, and my personal life.

I watched a few pieces of text on social media change the opportunities available to my students and I want to help that next generation avoid closing the doors available to them.

What Others Are Saying


Scott presents the topic of social media in a real life format.  He presents stories about student athletes in a way that makes it easy for the audience to relate to.

Heather MottSouth Seneca Athletic Director

In his own unique way, Scott has found a tactical approach to break through to our youth and drive a very pertinent  message through to our future leaders.

David BoundyAthletic Director Franklin High School

During each presentation, Scott immediately connects with our students and is someone students can relate to and respect based on his experiences with high school students as a very successful high school basketball coach.

Sean McCabePrincipal - Spencerport

Scott is a dynamic speaker and certainly captivated the attention of our students and parents about the realities of social media and the impact their decisions have on themselves and the people around them.

Pat McGeePrincipal Byron Bergen